Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

By: Elena Lyons   /   Jul 09, 2012   /   Blog, Maternity   /   Comments

I found a helpful article that sums up what foods to avoid during pregnancy. The only thing I would add to this list is donuts! Ladies, don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to chow down on junk. You will regret it later. The sugar is not good for you or your baby and the weight post pregnancy is harder to lose when you have gained unnecessary pounds.

Also remember for those of you committed to natural child birth the more discipline you practice now the stronger you will be in those last 24 hours of birth.

Here is the short list of foods to avoid.
King mackerel
Blue cheese
Mexican-style cheeses, such as queso blanco, queso fresco and panela
Raw fish and shellfish.
Refrigerated smoked seafood, such as lox.
Unwashed fruits and vegetables
Large quantities of vitamin A
Excess caffeine
Herbal tea

For the full article go click on Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy by Mayo Clinic Staff

Elena Cardone
Natural Child Birth Enthusiast