How to handle crying child?

By: Elena Lyons   /   Aug 07, 2012   /   Blog, Maternity   /   Comments

I have recently been made aware how true this really is. My three year old daughter only cries when she is hungry, tired or hurt. HTH (Hungry Tired Hurt)
Once I figured this out, I told my daughter that I noticed this was the case. Now when when she cries, I ask her what are the 3 reasons why you cry? I can see relief in her face as she realizes what it is. She will tell me right away, “I am hungry!”

I handle promptly….usually a protein as I find that restores a great attitude immediately but some kind of veggie or snack will do in a crunch.

So remember, HTH… maybe there is nothing more wrong with your child than HTH. ( Hungry Tired or Hurt).