Labor of Love

Elena was born in Madrid, Spain, and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. When she left “The Big Easy” to pursue her love of acting in Hollywood, CA, she found much more than a career in the spotlight: an unexpected new love, far stronger and more powerful than any role she could have imagined playing. She was now starring in the role of her life as “Mom!”

When Elena first discovered she was pregnant, she was overjoyed, but leery of bringing a brand new child into a hospital, the place where, “the sick people are.” It seemed counterintuitive to bring her beautiful baby, so new and vulnerable, into a building where poor health was just an elevator ride away. Elena immediately began to research for delivery options that would truly welcome her child into the world.

What she found was the very narrow path to a successful home birth. What sold Elena on the process was knowing that by delivering at home, she would not be giving up any of the vital medical resources that new Moms and their babies need. Elena has given birth to two healthy girls at home, and for Elena and her husband, the process became a rare, impenetrable fortress, binding the family tightly together through the experience.

Elena developed this site to tell you what your doctor and coffee klatch friends can or may not. You don’t have to be at the mercy of anyone else when bringing new life into this world. Childbirth can be an empowering, beautiful experience for the entire family. You, like Elena, have heard the horror stories from hospitals, wrought with medical neglect and hapless errors. A new mother should have the freedom to focus on her body, her family, and the new life emerging from her. Watch here as Elena passes on her pearls of childbearing wisdom, and helps other women take back control of their pregnancies and birthing experiences.