Painless Home Births

By: Elena Lyons   /   Jun 26, 2012   /   Blog, Maternity   /   Comments

Home birth is far less painful than a hospital birth even with an epidural. This is what “they” are not telling you. If you think that just because you have an epidural at a hospital the birth will be easier and less painful, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

At a hospital, a woman is hooked up to machines and confined to lying in a hospital bed. She is encouraged to have an epidural and keep quiet. Her birthing process is interrupted by doctors and nurses coming and going. She is not allowed to have whomever she wishes in the room. She is not allowed to eat or drink. The room is bright and often noisy with disregard to mother’s wishes for dim lights and quiet. Her body tenses and the natural child birth process is cut off or stopped and thus the door is opened for doctors to intervene further. From this point on, it is pitocin to speed up labor which usually, inevitably, leads to caesarean. Baby is born, pulled away from mother. When mother is finally allowed to hold the baby, she is so doped up from all the medications. She has to stay several days in the hospital and then she will have a long recovery time from the operation.

What is painless and easier about a home birth is that a woman is allowed to labor on her own time in the comfort of her own home. She is the master of ceremonies and can control her environment. She is the golden goddess who runs the show and is surrounded by her team of love and support. She is encouraged to move around allowing her body to naturally open. She applies techniques and uses her birthing partner to get through her contractions. Each contraction brings her closer and more connected to partner and baby. She is able to reclaim her deepest power. The muscles designed to give birth actually relax and her body is able through a wondrous process give birth creating a beautiful birth experience for her, her team and baby.

Once the baby is born, she has the luxury of having her baby placed directly on her chest. Mom and baby have that immediate bonding and comfort of each others embrace. Baby is encouraged to nurse. Baby isn’t washed or taken away until mother and baby are ready. Mother has endorphins which are present during and immediately after child birth that induces feelings of pleasure and euphoria which can help reduce the risk of maternal depression for the weeks following delivery.

In short, generally speaking, hospital births are a nightmare which are far from painless and have fear and anxiety around child birth whereas, home births are a beautiful empowering experience which bond and unite not only mother and baby but the whole family in the process.