Questions to ask your midwife

By: Elena Lyons   /   Jul 22, 2012   /   Blog, Maternity   /   Comments

When you are interviewing midwives for your home birth, here some questions to ask in no particular order.

1 Are you licensed and how long have you been practicing?
2 Do you know how to administer an IV?
3 What drugs do you bring? (For example, you want to make sure the midwife has Pitocin if mother was hemorrhaging after birth.)
4 Do you have a back up hospital or doctor?
5 Do you bring oxygen tanks?
6 Do you bring a fetal heart monitor?
7 Do you perform a complete newborn baby exam?
8 How do you handle posterior labors? (if she says by walking or using a birthing ball…run!)
9 Do you bring an assistent?
10 What is your transfer rate? What was the reason? Outcome?
11 Do you stay with me at hospital if I was a transfer?
12 Are you in a lawsuit or have you ever had a lawsuit? Why? What was outcome?
13 How many births have you attended where you were the primary caregiver?
14 Have you ever resuscitated a baby?

Of course there are several other questions as well but this is a basic guideline to start from.