Tonya Brooks Midwife

By: Elena Lyons   /   Jul 09, 2012   /   Blog, Maternity   /   Comments

Highly recommend you check out Tonya Brooks as your midwife if you are in Los Angeles area and are considering a birthing center or home birth. I have been to a birth with her and would recommend her to anyone attempting to deliver naturally.

Tonya Brooks has been a midwife for almost 35 years and has delivered over 6000 babies at home, in birth centers and hospitals. She was director of the Natural Birth and Women’s Center for 28 years. She is a research scientist and has ongoing research to prevent brain injury, obstetric hemorrhage, and gestational diabetes She also uses alternative approaches to help all women with nutrition and hormone problems. She is Founder of the Association for Childbirth at Home International (ACHI).